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"Root-bound," Superstition Review, Spring 2023

"Love Poem ft. The Pale Horse," Everything in Aspic, Winter 2021
"How the World Was Made," "The Reel," Yemassee Journal, Fall 2020 (print)

"Back Together," "Spell for Clarity," "Annabelle," Luna Luna Magazine, Fall 2018

"The Real Museum," Carve Magazine, Fall 2018 (print)

"The Rest," Cleaver Magazine, Fall 2018

"The Peach," Crab Fat Magazine, Spring 2018

"Prayer for JonBenét," Bad Pony, Spring 2018

"Communion," Pretty Owl Poetry, Fall 2017

"The Cicada Sleeps," Midwestern Gothic, Winter 2016/17 (print)

"Relentless Light of Hometown," "Myth About Horses," and "The Real Machine," Superstition Review, Winter 2016/17

"I Wanted the Gun in My Mouth," 45th Parallel, Fall 2015 (print)


STELLAR NURSERY: ON MY (TRANS) BODY AND MY CHOICE, forthcoming from Quilted Press, February 2024

AfterwardChapbook published by Dancing Girl Press, 2016.

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